May 2, 2014

Venus Fly Trap growing in a terrarium

Young Venus Fly Trap (VFT) in my terrarium.

On March 1st 2014 I bought a kit at Lowes that included two dormant carnivorous plants. The Pitcher plant never grew. I may have put in in the terrarium upside-down(?). The other plant was a VFT. Directions said it should show growth in two weeks. It took over two weeks because on March 14th it was still not showing new growth. But shortly after it did start to send up shoots. One at a time the leaves would come up then as the next one grew the older one would lay flat. The trap slowly grew at the ends until they opened to the point they are now.
Now a full two months has passed since I planted them. The pitcher plant is still dormant and likely rotting. The VFT has it's trap's set. They are still tiny traps but they are there. I added in a few Air Plants (Tillandsia Bromeliads wiki link) that I bought from Hinterland Trading on The Air Plants look nice and require very little help to grow.